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  • Exhibit A

    Exhibit A


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    HORRORx52: 2023
    Progress: 7/52

    I'm gonna show what you're being like.

    Oookay, this was something.
    For me, it was incredibly boring. But, the ending is good.
    It was my bad, actually, because i went in with high expectations for it being a found-footage horror movie, but, alas, it wasn't- it was just a tragic family drama and thriller.
    I really liked the end- the father, seeing, that their family would never be the same, just thinks that the best thing…

  • A Street For Two

    A Street For Two

    Good one! ^^ I watched it because of Paolo's review.
    The soundtrack is literally melting me to the ground, it gave me really good vibes. The lighting is really good, the cinematography... For a short it's really effective! :D
    Go support the creator 🔥

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  • Mysterious Skin

    Mysterious Skin


    This is one of the best movies about coming-of-age and trauma.

    It just perfectly executes it, and there is nothing more to say.
    Imagine if this movie had deftones i the soundtrack tho, it would've fit so much.

  • Cocaine Bear

    Cocaine Bear


    I don't know man, i feel guilty for liking this movie since it's so overhated, lol

    But, i gotta say, it's something super new for me- a bear on cocaine? I'll be damned (just like the police officer said in the movie), it was a really good experience, and, quite fun.
    It's really, really dumb, but at the same time hillarious, intense, and, with really good gore!
    Plus, i just loved some of the characters, i was like ''pls don't…