Venom ★★★★

Don’t have much time so I’ll make it quick (that’s what she said). I have 100% made that exact joke before but I don’t care. May or may not be about to rewatch 10 Things I Hate About You already :)

The post credits scene from Into the Spider-Verse is better than the whole film, it’s filled with cheesy moments, the CGI goes straight from amazing to mediocre at times in an instant and the script can be tonally inconsistent. 

But the comedy is funny, the dynamic between Eddie and Venom is gold, the action is fun, and the cast are all really good choices, all combining with two fun post credits scenes and a digestible run time to make for a film I will always defend. 

Oh and it has some decent messaging about the planet once or twice through it too; so that’s cool. 

Mum gave it a 10. Logan is still her favourite Comic Book/Superhero movie, but this is her second :)

Your liver is looking tasty, and juicy ;)

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