Roma ★★★★

"No matter what they tell you, we women are always alone."

- This movie is absolutely gorgeous and very much had an Italian feel to it. The black and white makes the details pop and makes feel more alive. The emotional scenes become that much more impactful. The beach scene is the real stand out. The camera work was subtle with its movements. The editing is quite minimal compared to your typical movie. And some of the sets for the city sidewalks felt like a stage. All this made me feel I was watching a play instead of a movie. Also having minimal music really made me feel I was reliving Alfonso Cuaron's childhood memories.
- This is a movie where the story and world are driving the main character instead of the other way around. I liked that this doesn't dwell on the tragedy or joy. Life keeps moving and as do you. I found Cleo to be fascinating. Her acting is very stripped down and internalized. She tells so much with her eyes or a subtle smile. My favorite moment of the movie was her doing that difficult stance with ease and grace. I thought making her journey parallel with the mother of the family to be great. That similar battles happen and it doesn't matter what your social standing is.

- This is a more slice of life movie with very little story. It does have boring beats but the presentation kept me compelled.
- I was left wanting to know more about the riots. Kind of wish the movie foreshadowed it with radio/tv/newspaper headlines about the political strife that was happening. Time to go on Wikipedia. Also just what was Roma?
- I also would have liked to have seen more moments of Cleo bonding with the kids.

8.5 out of 10 piles of dog poo

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