Glass Onion

Glass Onion ★★

A fun and tight mystery wrapped in some truly rancid capital-C content ideas. Could not believe how long we were forced to endure flimsy cutouts of Elon, a men’s rights activist vlogger and for-sale liberal politician before we could taste any actual plot?? Unlikeable characters are one thing, but maybe it would be good to say something other than “bad” or “dumb” about them — this just felt like it was trying to be so CURRENT that it falls into the Netflix model of prioritizing two weeks of conversation over any kind of creative legacy or ideas.

Top it off with extremely Marvel meets Family Guy joke writing. Everything is a name drop / reference that is supposed to be SO RANDOM but they forget to write a punchline? Rian Johnson’s star war is excellent but this movie makes me feel like I’m starting to see what the haters have been going on about !!! 

Major disappointment !!

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