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This review may contain spoilers.

Well i just can't think of any other rating other than 10/10 for this movie.
Watching the godfather has been my #1 goal when it comes to movies for about a year now and i have to admit my expectations were massive(I mean if you don't have high expectations to seven samurai or citizen kane then when do you have high expectations?haha),but i had this feeling that i was destined to be disappointed by such high expectations.The fact that many many people told me they hated the godfather on their 1st watch didn't help.

Well folks i am glad to say that i am not disappointed in the slightest,this is one of those rare "perfect" movies where i can't think of anything wrong with it.

First off Marlon brando's entrance is probably my favorite scene in the entire film.He is set up as this really big important character and my GOD marlon brando was...idk if I can even describe him,let's just say i am adding him on the list with humphrey bogart for actors that are so unique,they are like nothing you've ever seen before.
I was so upset when he was "killed off" because i wanted to see more of him.I still do,expect me to see at least 4 more brando movies before the year ends.

The rest of the cast was spot on too,with james caan and robert duvall as the stand outs for me.

i have to admit that i didn't like pacino's performance at first.It was the first time i saw him young and i wasn't too impressed.But as his character developed and grew,his performance grew on me as well.I am very very excited to see him lead part 2.

Of course i can't talk about the godfather without talking about its iconic soundtrack.Nino Rota Complimenti!

I really liked the themes about family,good vs evil,ethical vs unethical.Whoever thought of this idea is a genius!(If i were to list everything,this would be 5k words long)

Overall while this didn't leave me in awe like kubrick's 2001 nor did it crack my top 20 favorites it is a technichal masterpiece and one of the best films i have ever seen.The influence this had on later gangster films like goodfellas is unreal.

It's sad to think tho that we will never get films like this again ;(
The 70s aren't my favorite decade but even still i admire what happened behind the camera.People cared about making art that will last the test of time and have sth to say to its audience.Compare that to today where we get dora the explorer the movie and fast and furious 9.I am not saying that blockbusters are neccesiry bad,i am just saying that there needs to be a balance between art and bussiness in cinema.I think the 90s is a fine example of that.

This is getting too damn long so i have to stop,if you have any questions be sure to ask me.

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