Bicycle Thieves ★★★★★

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A film that inspired countless filmakers,brought Italian cinema to the spotlight and broke the traditional Holywood way of filmaking by introducing neo-realism to the picture,Bicycle thieves hasn't lost an inch of what made it so brilliant all those decades ago and is just as powerful & emotionally moving today!

Although I loved nearly everything about this classic,what really elevated this picture for me was the divine score by Alessandro Cicognini.The only negative thing is that I sometimes paid more attention to the score rather than the actual scenes because I was so moved by it.

This film is also known for being filmed in real locations and using natural light for most of the film.This change made for some striking visuals that really seperated this from other 1940s films I've seen.De Sica is a brilliant director and really captured the depressing atmosphere of Post-WW2 Italy.

Overall,Bicycle thieves is a fantasic film that is just as powerful today as it was when it was released in 1948 and the fact that this,Rope and The treasure of the sierra mandre lost to a silly Hamlet adaptation makes me hate the academy even more.Some people say the oscars are not what they were but the way I see it,they always sucked!!

Excited for more Italian cinema,maybe La Strada next?
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