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  • Parasite
  • Whiplash
  • Wild Tales
  • The Grand Budapest Hotel

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  • Shaadi Ke Side Effects


  • Toofaan


  • Hungama 2


  • Natkhat


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  • Shaadi Ke Side Effects

    Shaadi Ke Side Effects


    *Watched it for Farhan Akhtar , I like his movie choices.
    *Problems faced after marriage and after the birth of baby were shown.
    *Farhan and Vidya both were superb.
    *Everything was great , direction , acting , music .
    *I liked it.

  • Toofaan



    *Movie was lengthy, should have been 10-15 minutes shorter.
    *Farhan Akhtar was too good .
    *Mrunal and all the supporting cast did their job nicely.
    *Direction by Mehra and Farhan Akhtar made the movie watchable even with 2hr 40 min high run time.
    * Movie became too filmy in the last hour.
    *Overall watchable but not in one sittingπŸ˜‚

Popular reviews

  • The Lighthouse

    The Lighthouse


    - Didn't enjoy it.
    - Pattinson and Dafoe 's performance kept me till the end of movie, otherwise it was so dull and slow and nothing was happening.
    - watching them do their chores for 1 hour straight is a tedious job for the audience.
    - Why was the movie black and white?
    - All the stars are for the acting and direction , movie as a whole was not interesting.
    - The monologues by the actorsπŸ‘Œ

  • Luca



    a fun filled movie , mood changer , will make you happy , great animation and plot

    Spoiler alert
    - Luca is a movie about an kid (( aquatic creature ( merman)) who turns into a human when he comes out of water and becomes a merman when goes into the water.
    - He and his friend come out on the mainland and wants to own a Vespa scooter so that they can roam around at any place they want…