• The Great Silence

    The Great Silence


    "The Law" is the amoral sanctioned violence of the state, carried out by psychopathic bounty hunters against the poor and desperate to keep them in their place. The world does not naturally favor the righteous and evil sometimes can't be overcome. This movie is a bummer as you may have guessed, but really great.

  • Police Story 2

    Police Story 2


    Feels weird to try to continue on from the ending of the original, especially bringing back the mob boss that he beat to death, only to not have him be relevant at all. But even if it can't compete with greatness of the first, there is a lot I like in this movie, mostly the insane massive destruction of the fights.

  • Righting Wrongs

    Righting Wrongs


    Brutal, cynical and deadly. Every fight ends in death, people don't just get beat up and walk away. Yuen Biao and Rothrock are on fire, the choreography is insane. It starts out with Biao killing criminals who got away with their crimes in court, and his actions are portrayed as righteous. But as things get more gruesome and bodies stack up, it stops being a simple pro vigilante thing and becomes something more grim and interesting.

  • Death Game

    Death Game


    Sandra Locke and Colleen Camp are great in this, despite not having a lot to work with in the script. Loved moments of this, like the deranged breakfast and the fish tank scene bathed in green light. But a lot of it drags because it is repetitive.

  • Dragons Forever

    Dragons Forever


    Consistently great, back-breaking fights and a few good comedy moments, but a lot of the comedy doesn't work in this one because the characters and rom-com stuff are wack. Cigar puffing boss is great. Benny the Jet fight is good, but can't touch Wheels on Meals.

  • She Killed in Ecstasy

    She Killed in Ecstasy

    Soledad Miranda is captivating and really sad in this. The setup, ripped from Diabolical Dr. Z, is not the most compelling since her husband, the mad scientist, does actually seem bad, so I don't really side with him. But she makes the movie work and the set ups to the kills are really great. I love the seaside location, modern architecture and her outfits.