I Saw the Devil

I Saw the Devil ★★★★½

A whirlwind of animalistic violence, destroying everything in its path. Might be the most sadistic film out there, enough bloodshed and torture, pleading and screaming, drool and even shit to disgust the devil himself, and who else would they cast in it other than the one and only physical manifestation of madness that is Choi Min Sik?

Anger and frustration on the other hand were mostly conveyed through close-ups of Lee Byung Hun who poured a lifetime worth of emotions into his performance. Poor guy, heard he's been unable to smile or blink ever since. I love korean cinema's tendency for being extra melodramatic, especially in the last scene -- a man collapsing from the weight of remorse, the music taking over as we strayed further and further away from him.

The film might feel thematically empty to some, but chaotic revenge fantasies like these always capture me, particularly one that features such strong performances.

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