Bad Black

Bad Black ★★★★★

I got the key, ugandan key. Swaaaz, jump like rambo, wakaliwood action star, the ugandan schwarzenegger. He escape the police, supa fire. Police! Police! Police! Police! Kung fu cop, He he he HEH. Swaaz, swaaaaaz! Movie. He hitch a ride, supa ride. Bastard swaz, he kill the police, you watch. Movie. He fire like schwarzenegger, supa warrior. He he he HEH. He's insane! He's insane! Hup, swaaaaz jump. My wife! My wife! SUBARU SUBARU SUBARU SUBARU. He is free, he he he HEH. SWAAAAZ, I'm too old for this shit. Fight for your life, SUBARU, my wife, I love my wife. Jesus, that's just the prologue, swaaz is gone, supa loss. In this movie, you're gonna learn all about love and revenge, uganda schwarzenegger. Love is harder than revenge in Wakaliga, you watch. Movie. It's love story, yeah, love for action, he he he HEH. American Van Damme, here in Uganda, because his wife kicked him, supa loss. Beat muzungu, beat him good. Wesley snipes is here, yum yum yum yum, kung fu master, also master of love, supa fighter. Muzunguuuu, his dad is a commando, his mom is a commando, his dog is a commando, embwa. Are you ready? Time for action, maama mia let's go.

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