Alphaville ★★★½

Poetic dialogue. Trench coats and dark rooms. This is Godard's noir. The guy makes cool films without breaking a sweat, creates characters as cool as him in the blink of an eye. There is no cool like Godard cool. It's in his blood. He oozes 350 coolness per second. Ask him how did he make it and he would probably blow cigarette smoke to your face.

Alphaville is a film set in a dystopian future where emotions are outlawed. Fortunately for Mr. Caution, coolness isn't outlawed. If it was then it still wouldn't matter because he's cool like that. Surprisingly for an outlander like Caution, he showed less emotion than the citizens of Alphaville. He's never angry. He never cried. He never smiled, because smiling shows that you care. And caring is not cool.

"I'm too old to argue, so I shoot." said Caution. And in that moment, I found myself a new role model.

You know what happens to nosy fellows?

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