My Neighbor Totoro

My Neighbor Totoro ★★★★★

What a beautiful experience.
The adventures of two sisters as they move to a new home and playfully get to learn the place, as well as stuff about life.
Somehow, after they arrive this just does not let everything fall into a real story pattern, instead we just seem to follow normal days of the girls.
That way, it gets amazingly harmoneous overall, a lot of fun and sweetness without real obstacles. Lifelike in some way.
That said, there still are some fantasy elements, spirits, a wonderful cat bus thing and little dust ghosts. Those fit so well into the magical wonderful world that it almost enhances the life like aspect.
Of course, as a Miyazaki there are to expect great visuals along with the amazing story. A lot of magnificant shots, shots to love and those that just made me smile.
It all comes with a warm sense of goodness, showing how the world does not has to be a fight between good and evil or some obstacle being overcome. Life as something playful, something adventurous and something to love.

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