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  • Chronophobia


    Hey, good people who follow me on Letterboxd!

    My first short film, Chronophobia, is currently playing at a fairly big "fantastic" festival here in Brazil (called Fantaspoa) and getting some attention. Seems like as good a time as any to ask you to watch it.

    Watch it here. I was gonna link to the festival stream, but I just realized it's not subtitled, so this Vimeo will do.

    Getting lots of positive reviews here, which is heartening. Feel free use…

  • Chef



    It's okay to eschew conflict in a movie if you can conjure anything to replace it, like Linklater does. This gets by on a love of food and cooking, which mostly worked for me since I used my lockdown downtime to develop some (still meager) culinary skills. But its "feel-goodness" is not quite enough to satiate.


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  • Bacurau



    Aparentemente o KMF foi sequestrado por um estudante de cinema de segundo ano de faculdade, que colocou um disfarce de bigode, boné e óculos escuros, e assumiu o controle da produção sem ninguém perceber.

    Não parece que o filme foi dirigido ou editado (muito menos escrito), mas simplesmente jogado de qualquer jeito num balde com a etiqueta "Spaghetti Western", sem nenhuma mediação humana. Poucas cenas apresentam qualquer senso de ritmo ou propósito, tudo é desengonçado.

    É incrível que tem gente…

  • Computer Chess

    Computer Chess


    Insane that it took me so long to watch this, since it feels like it was made for me personally.

    I don't know what it means that one of the weirder programmers (Papageorge) keeps wandering the hotel hallways at night, walking around erratically in a wrinkled suit, knocking on people's door and finding random cats... but it will haunt me for the rest of my life.

    More on it when I rewatch it, which I already can't wait to do.


    P.S. with this and Support the Girls, Bujalski suddenly turned into one of my favorite new filmmakers. Cool.