• Boston Strangler

    Boston Strangler


    thought this looked great from the trailer but is pretty disappointing imo. there's a movie to be made about Loretta McLaughlin and Jean Cole but this one feels almost exclusively surface level and mostly drearily paced. great cast, though.

  • See Jane Run

    See Jane Run


    made for TV drama starring Joanna Kerns as a woman who "wakes up" in a supermarket with no memory of who she is with pockets full of cash and a stained bloody shirt. is the guy now claiming to be her husband pulling a Misery on her?

    good acting all around and pretty engrossing all the way through to its super dark fucked up twist. doesn't quite hit the high-highs you want from a TV movie (I like when they…

  • Under Siege 2: Dark Territory

    Under Siege 2: Dark Territory


    does the trick for a Sunday actioner but also kinda feels like Segal's cracks are starting to show a pinch. There's a shot of him going down some stairs they had to hilariously crank up double speed and some general lower energy moments in scenes. But... it's also still packed with quite fun action beats and that patented mainstream Segal brutality. So you get what you came for.

  • Police Story 4: First Strike

    Police Story 4: First Strike


    instant time travel back to when I'd rent whatever 90s new line dubbed Jackie Chan movies I could get my hands on before heading to walmart and buying stuff like Fantasy Mission Force on those cheapie EP mode releases. I guess this one isn't Jackie's best or anything but it has a lot of great scenes, a mix of fights and silly Bond-esque shoot outs and chases, and then all of a sudden it's over before you know it.


  • Leprechaun 3

    Leprechaun 3


    funnier than I remember tbh. the awful main dude turning into a second lep was great

  • Eastern Condors

    Eastern Condors


    ah, perfection

  • The Heroic Trio

    The Heroic Trio


    absolutely iconic cast obviously!!!! I think the cut I watched was an American version because the subs had lyrics to songs that didn't appear on the soundtrack. Not sure about how I felt about the soundtrack generally either - I went and checked the non-US cut and other than the missing songs it sounded the same or very similar. Maybe it's because I've been watching more wildly off-the-wall stuff lately but the soundtrack could have used a hit of energy…

  • Mortuary Blues

    Mortuary Blues


    wildly wacky tone here that is mostly just going for jokes, jokes, jokes and with actors as committed as these (Sandra Ng especially!! So funny) it really works. the bits don't all land of course, and it takes a minute for the movie to settle into it's tone, but after that it's a lot of fun.

  • The Seventh Curse

    The Seventh Curse


    the thing about this movie is that it's very very good

  • Highlander III: The Sorcerer

    Highlander III: The Sorcerer


    has some fun Big Dumb Sequel energy. where the first sequel is a misguidedly ambitious swing, this is one of those "here's some more of that Highlander you ordered" sequels. just as dorky and dumb as the others but not without it's charms. another music video director steps in and makes sure everything looks music video-y, a buncha heads get chopped off, we jump from present day to ye olde time, the cops and a love interest are investigating, and we have a scenery chewing baddie. yea, I'd say it's a Highlander movie.

  • Invasion of the Blood Farmers

    Invasion of the Blood Farmers


    whenever they were sucking the blood out of people with tubes it sounded like someone drinking a juice box


  • Paper Mask

    Paper Mask


    British drama with Paul McGann as a hospital orderly who decides to impersonate his doctor friend after they die in a car crash. This basically becomes a kind of cringe thriller where they get themselves into situations where they need to, you know, be a doctor but they don't have the knowledge. Makes some points about the hospital system, tossing doctors into the fray and having them figure it out as they go. There's a nice amount of depth here despite the movie's obvious surface of playing "The Great Pretender" three or four times throughout. Very watchable and a bit oddly overlooked maybe?