Wait 'Till Your Mother Gets Home ★★★

This slight - yet warm and entertaining - role-reversal NBC TV film with surprisingly progressive but subtle feminist undertones finds Paul Michael Glaser taking over the housework as Dee Walace returns to work for the first time in 15 years.

You've seen it all before - the tag-line on Prism's VHS release name-checks the similar "Mr. Mom" - but the film's non-aggressive humor and fine performances make it a breeze. Obviously Paul Michael Glaser will realize the error of his ways (assuming the job will be easy, undervaluing the strength of the women in his life, etc.) but it makes for fair Sunday-Afternoon viewing.

No big gags to be found here (or robot vacuum cleaners, speaking of Mr. Mom), just modest humor from a human story - it's TV movie, remember.

Surprisingly, the picture waits until the end credits to reveal its roots as a true-story adaptation.