Spencer ★★

Damn, after Jackie I really wanted to like this one! There are a lot of issues with the writing/framing/heavy metaphors in the script here, but Kristen Stewart is so poorly cast that it completely stops this characterization of Diana from having any endearing qualities.

I’ve said it before I’ll say it again: Stewart is not a comedic actor. If they cast someone who could deliver a joke or add some levity despite (and occasionally because of) the constantly dour mood, I think not only would it better suit everything I’ve seen of the real Diana better, but it also would have made the character much more likable! Also I don’t believe Stewart as the mom of two preteen boys, I just don’t! Sue me!

I’m no Princess Diana expert, but I feel like her persistent grace and humor despite her poor treatment was one of her true strengths. And in Spencer—gonna keep it real here—she kinda seems like the problem! I hate that this movie made her seem so silly and fragile and vain!!! At least it looked good I guess, idk!

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