Fantastic Mr. Fox

Fantastic Mr. Fox ★★★★

“I like your ears” “hm m-mine?” “mhm” “thank you, oh uh I like your spots” “really I used to cover them up but uh you know”
Tiktok brought me here. 
This movie is a fever dream. 
Stop motion is scary.
His face when she told him she was pregnant was priceless.
Their child was depressed.
“I don’t want to live in a hole anymore” sounded more metaphorical than physical, but hey me too Mr Fox.
The way they eat their food is hilarious.
The way they slurp their drinks triggers my misophonia.
His son looks so funny when he’s angry.
Kylie, the mouse, okay I see you miss Kylie Jenner.
The rat, aka Willem Dafoe.
The scenery in this movie is so pretty.
Stop motion can be so aesthetic.
Mr Fox’s tail sticking out of his pants, what more do I have to say.
Mr Fox and the badger hissing at each other got me wheezing.
Why did the mother lick the dirt off of her son.
This movie is the peak of comedy.
It gave me comfort.
It’s now one of my comfort movies.
It’s so cute how they’ve all got each other’s backs. 
Despite it being a stop motion movie, you could tell it was a Wes Anderson film because of its style and bold use of color.

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