Sleepwalkers ★★★

Saved by the climactic fight scene, it’s really enjoyable. I found the rest of the film to be rather lackluster, but it’s worth sitting through for the fun ending. The reaction shots of cats are amazing. 

The makeup and effects are mostly good, especially when it’s the full-body monster look. The half-bad empty-face look isn’t really my favorite—way too cheesy. The amputation of limbs, gouging of eyes, burning of bodies, biting of bones, etc. are all effectively portrayed. 

I’m a Stephen King fan, but I’ve never felt that he’s particularly good at screenwriting. This screenplay feels particularly poor without a lot of focus and way too little depth. It turns what could have been a rich lore-oriented horror into a superficial gore fest. It’s fine, but I want there to be more to it.

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