Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure

Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure ★★★★

I remember watching this as a kid in England not knowing what the hell a “Circle K” was but sensing it must be fraught with some esoteric cultural significance.

The jokes are timeless - geddit? - and also it provides double bang for your buck - really deserves eight stars - as you spend an extra 90 minutes afterwards losing yourself down the rabbbitholes of the pre- and post-Bill and Ted careers of the supporting cast. Here are a few gleanings:

Tony “Socrates” Steedman shared a set with Rutger Hauer, Pete Postlethwaite and Ian Dury in Split Second (1992).

Robert V. “Abraham Lincoln” Barron plays the butler at the swinger party in cult 80’s cannibal comedy Eating Raoul. I remember that butler actually making quite an impression on me!

Joan “Jane of Arc” (and “Go Go’s”) Wiedlin landed this gig fresh off her star turn as Alien Communications Officer in Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home.

Alex “Bill” Winter - hmm. Nope, this guy doesn’t seem to have done anything else...

Probably the most excellent thing about Bill and Ted is the slow-blossoming bromance between So-crates and Billy the Kid. It’s just a bummer they couldn’t get Eddie Van Halen on board for a cameo in the finale. Where’s your sense of humor, Eddie?

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