The Godfather: Part II

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This review may contain spoilers.

Godfather 2 was awesome. The acting, writing, story. Al Pacino and Robert DeNiro put this film on their backs and help it cross the finish line after the longest movie I have ever seen.
The first act is a little slow and exposition heavy. You figure out we’re everyone is at the time but not much else. The highlight was the assassination attempt on Michael. But when Act 2 came in Florida and Cuba, full steam ahead. This was such wonderful filmmaking and writing. Everything about the business expansion and Hyman Roth was great. It all ends in glorious fashion with the kiss of death. Best scene in the film hands down. Also, in old NYC is cool. DeNiro kills the over confident boss and it was so fun.
Act 3 though I found the most interesting. The trials with the family are edge of your seat. You wonder if anyone will expose the family or will they keep their mouths shut. Kay really shines in this part as you learn she had an abortion to prevent another kid from being born. That was a dark scene but it made sense as she thought that she was “saving the future.” I truly though Michael would change and go good. The mafia sadly does not work that way. The film wrapped up in bloody fashion as everyone who wronged Michael in the film is whacked and disposed of.

Now I know everyone wants to know where this compares to the first film and other Gangster flicks. I actually thought that the first was better. The ending was better, Sonny adds more life to the duller scenes too. Brando adds the epic performance as well. The first had the shorter runtime and iconic lines as well. It was just tighter. Godfather 2 is still wonderful though, just it’s so looonnng. I feel if my score was any lower it is doing the film a disservice. I still loved it and acknowledge its one of the best films ever made.

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