Return of the Jedi

Return of the Jedi ★★★★½

I love Return of the Jedi though this movie has its issues. Jabba's Palace is sort of boring until the Sarlacc Pit. It seems so disconnected with the film. Many films that have one act disconnected with the rest of the film have it be the Third Act. The first act is so wierd and it truly does not fit. Also, the Ewoks are okay. Endor is cool because of the speeder chase but the movie slows down again once the gang is captured by the Ewoks. It is sort of dumb too. I might seem like I am ripping into this film but these parts are still watchable.
On the other hand, the third act is riveting. The Space Battle is amazing with the three fronts. The actual battle is awesome as their is a clear objective of waiting for the Death Star shield to be down. But then its a trap! Also, the ground battle is fun trying to blow up the shield base. Obviously though the battle in the Throne Room is the best part. I love how Palpatine keeps baiting and pressuring Luke. Luke trys to resist but he soon flips and the duel with him and Vader starts. It is just two guys smashing blades into eachother. It is awesome. Finally, the ending just gets me every time. The scene at the fire is goosebumps. The shot of Luke lit in orange is just so heartbreaking. I am sad Vader died even though he is nasty in Empire and the Original. But everything goes back to fine as the heroes celebrate their victory.

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