Zodiac ★★★★★

Let me tell you a few of my personality traits:

I love true crime
I love serial killers
I love Jake Gyllenhaal
I love Mark Ruffalo
I love pretending I'm a detective...

So the fact that this movie pretty much encapsulates all of the best things in life and I waited this long to watch it just makes me want to die. But also live. I enjoyed it so fucking much I almost felt high off of it.

When I saw how long it was I was intimidated, ngl, but it felt SO SHORT and so fast, I could've easily watched three more hours of this. Thank you David Fincher. It was perfect. That's it. I feel like it was everything I've been looking for in true crime documentaries but never truly got... I got it ✊🏻.

This is my new favorite movie.
Will probably rewatch soon.

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