Spencer ★★★½

A really impressive feature. Kristen Stewart plays the role of Princess Diana with dedication, Pablo Larraín displays strong direction, Jonny Greenwood is just a fucking musical genius and Claire Mathon adorns the Royal Palace with spellbinding cinematography (no surprise because PORTRAIT OF A LADY ON FIRE was filmed like a chef-d'oeuvre painting). SPENCER's introspective theme of wanting to break free of a forcefully imposed lifestyle is accentuated by its strong crew; Greenwood adding an extra layer of narrative through the music and Kristen Stewart portraying Diana's deeper sentiments with pure acting. Moments of drama, intimacy and beauty define the film for me.

Also i'm convinced that SPENCER and THERE WILL BE BLOOD and THE MASTER and PHANTOM THREAD wouldn't sound beautiful without Radiohead's KID A.

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