Uncut Gems

Uncut Gems ★★★★½

While Uncut Gems is an audio-visual insanity of intense experiences, the core of its narrative never completely drowns in the chaos. Much like how Adam Sandler’s Howard is just keeping his nose above the surface, the film has a minimal ounce of sympathy to not make it a completely unlikable experience. It’s even occasionally funny, but the laughter is mostly the kind of desperate exhale you’d do to handle the extreme stress. Going further with the emotions, Uncut Gems is at heart deeply tragic story and it’s impressive that the film manages to make me care for an unsympathetic character in creating such an endless spiral of chaos. Lastly, the style of the film is absolutely fundamental for it to work; Daniel Lopatin’s horrifying score and the rushed, sweaty camera creates a tight cage from which it’s impossible to escape. Truly astonishing.

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