Judas and the Black Messiah

Judas and the Black Messiah ★★★★

Forever backing Daniel Kaluuya all the way... have been obsessed with his screen presence for yearsss... it's a silly discourse to engage with but to me he's THE actor of our times, no question. Wish King went even an inch deeper into Hampton's ideologies beyond the brash exterior and flashy speech setpieces but the material itself is evocative enough to carry the whole piece.

Consuming media surrounding contentious issues, sometimes it's near on impossible to separate the subject matter from the craft, hacking the filmmaking away from the rock solid emotional core... maybe Hampton's story would be just as excruciating coming from a lesser director by virtue of its emotional beats. King's direction is just fantastic though, sonic transitions are crackling with energy and he shoots Kaluuya like a deity.

Felt myself longing for some kind of narrative course corrector, the endless cycle of triumph and tragedy is relentlessly punishing but I guess there's only so far you can mine O'Neal's motivations without ever delving into the real meat of the politics. By the end it still hits like a sledgehammer.... final text card about O'neal just took me the fuck out.....Judas indeed.

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