The Conjuring

The Conjuring ★★★★½

Time travel through the lens of James Wan.

This movie deserves a perfect 5-star rating to be honest, but because there is a better sequel let's settle for 4.5 because there can't be two soul mates.

The Conjuring follows The Perron family who has moved into a farmhouse where they experience paranormal phenomena. They consult demonologists, Ed and Lorraine Warren, to help them get rid of the evil entity haunting them.

If I ever wanted to travel back in time to the 70s through a movie of the horror genre that too in a specific subgenre, any day... and I mean ANY DAY... I would pick James Wan as my guide. This guy hasn't just perfectly captured the feel and the aesthetics of that era but has also told the story in his style without killing the vibes in any way. Those amazing wide zoom-in zoom-out shots that keep you on the edge as if something is about to attack you at any moment, the masterful use of props to generate horror because only this man has that superpower to nail that same prop multiple times, that bone-chilling James Wany background sounds that fill you will an adrenaline rush and makes you question the darkness behind your doors at night, and most importantly that finale which provided me with a similar amount of satisfaction that I had when I first watched "The Exorcism of Emily Rose", this man masters everything like a boss.

But what makes this movie extraordinary is its characters and the way they are portrayed in the entire narrative, let's start with The Perron family. Who would have thought a family that has nice and obedient kids who are loved by their ever-so caring and understanding parents would feel original and will make you as an audience feel for them and actually give a fuck if anything bad happens to them, by God Hollywood looks like this lot somehow slipped through the assembly line of generic, pissy, irritating and always eye-rolling characters you consider humans to be, this is so not right DISCARD THEM IS SAY 🤣🤣🤣. All jokes aside this is a really beautiful family, that laughs and smiles together and sticks together like a team, especially in the worst phase of their life and this is relatable in every way.

Coming to the Warrens, no disrespect to Lin Shaye, I loved her as Elise in the "Insidious" movies and she is a legend and a master at what she does but if I ever had to pick a paranormal investigator it would always be Warren's, not because they exist in real life but because they are played by Vera and Patrick who are not only good performers but also bring in that camaraderie that these two have off-screen as friends which make them look like real Warren's. Also, It's not just that they have a good understanding amongst themselves because they are life partners but they also genuinely care about the family they are helping because they understand the pain they are going through and have a sense of ownership and they consider it their duty to provide them the relief they are seeking.

Overall this movie has everything you can ask for in a good horror movie but the most important thing that it has is a SOUL.

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