Norturne, a psychological horror you say... fucking dicks.

Nocturne another movie that was dumped by blumhouse on Amazon prime along with black box, the lie, and evileye each of them soiling themselves up in quite a unique way.

Nocturne is the very example of below average cinema with a number of scenes copied from different other films, filled with cheap jump scares and a desperate try to be a psychological horror that is as convincing as me trying to act sober after 12 pegs of vodka, and belive me I'm better at it ๐Ÿ˜‚, and even if you judge it as a movie just about a sibling rivalry it feels pretty basic and boring as the teens are portrayed as just another teen in every other Hollywood movie in last 5yrs and this is my main problem with movies that are focused on teens now a days, I mean what the fuck do most of these directors think teens come from fucking conveyor belts, as literally all of these teens act and think pretty much alike irrespective of the genre of the film and it literally becomes hard to differentiate between films after a while. The only best part of this movie was..... aah fuck it, FUCK OFF FILM.

Also what is it with movies about musical prodigies we have "The Sonata 2018", "Perfection 2019" and now this shit, quite a trend you've created ๐Ÿ˜’.

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