The Viewing

The Viewing ★★★★½

I've not bothered to review any of the Cabinet of Curiosities episodes as I've not really enjoyed most of them aside from the third episode(The Autopsy). Even then I didn't have much to say about it.

Until now...

The Viewing(episode 7) immediately sets the tone with all the groovy 70s vibes, heavy synths, and the retro aesthetic.

Right off the bat u get the sense that something is not as it seems though you don't know what it is. A small group of accomplished folks gather at an eclectic rich fella's mansion to drink, do drugs, converse about life, and get lost in the vibes. Soon those vibes turn to pure terror of mind meltingly cos(matos)mic proportions. The effects, the vibes, the characters, the scotch, the space cocaine, the snazztastic setting...I need a full length film of this madness!

Back to sleep I go...hopefully! Working overnights sucks smh.

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