Sick ★★★★

A covid quarantine slasher. Think this is the first of its kind surprisingly. The arrows on the floor in the grocery store, the masks, the 6 ft rule, and the empty store shelves gave me flashbacks to 2020 when "the vid" took over.

The kills weren't really creative but the slashes, gashes, and stabs were brutal. The 83 minute runtime assures the brisk pacing. The two leading ladies are likable. The chase and fight sequences were intense. The lakehouse setting provided a lush backdrop for all the slashery goodness. The killer's motive was 5 kinds of stupid but I was to invested to harp on it lol.

Personally think this slasher could've been released in theaters. Lean, mean, bloody, and brutal. Available on Peacock streaming for anyone interested. Fellow slasher fans will dig it for sure.

The year is 13 days old and Blumhouse has dropped 2 gems already!

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