Scream ★★★★

Scream aka Scream 5 is a super stabby, mega meta rebootquel that introduces new characters as well as reunites legacy characters. This doesn't try anything new as a slasher or a Scream film and I was fine with that.

I liked all the references to modern horror as well as the callbacks to the original Scream films. Loved seeing David Arquette reprise his role as Dewey as I think he was born to play this character. Sidney and Gal were Sidney and Gal. Solid but neither stood out to me. I liked the new cast granted you knew who were the stars and who was just there to get stabbed to death. The killer reveals and motives were solid. The last 20 mins of the film were bloody as hell. I didnt love this entry but I enjoyed it alot! Haven't seen the other 4 films since 2011 so I'll be binging those at some point.

There always seems to be so much footage of the fake STAB franchise in the Scream films that I wonder if there is one that never saw the light of day.

Digging all these rebootquels we're getting lately with Ghostbusters Aterlife, The Matrix Resurrections, Candyman, Halloween 1 n 2, and now Scream 5!!

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