Arachnophobia ★★★★½

🕷 🕸 This movie is the reason why I check my shoes before putting them on. This was always on TV when I was a kid. 🕷🕸Watched it all the time eventhough it freaked me out. 🕸I'm not afraid of spiders but I'm not exactly a fan either. Unless they're behind a glass at the zoo. 🕷🕸

🕷🕸Watching this mini spider army slowly take over that small town is almost sad.🕸You get introduced to various townsfolk knowing that they all are gonna get offed by the lil eight legged heartstoppers! 🕸The shower spider scene is still scary cause that spider jumped from the shower rod onto the young woman's head! 🕷🕸Then that damn spider siege at the end of the film?! Still creeps me all the way out! Spiders skittering out of every crack and crevice in your home while u are chillin watching tv! 🕷🕸🕷🕸🕷

🕸 Gonna be itchy and jumpy for the rest of the day smh. I HATE/LOVE this movie so much!🕸🕷

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