Brazil ★★★★½

There are many reason why I love Terry Gilliam.

Brazil is probably the most prominent of those reasons.

This film carries all of Gilliam's trademarks, honed to perfection. The dark, Python-esque comedy; the elaborate visual style; the mix of light and dark tones are all synchronized into one incredible film. Not only is it though provoking and intelligent, but also incredibly entertaining; with its 142 minute run time just flying by.

The production design and production scales are immaculate, and the world is perfectly realized in a sense that only Gilliam could create. Despite having influences from Kafka, Orwell, and the director's earlier days in the Monty Python troupe; Gilliam's world feels completely unique - and eerily prevalent to our time. Not only is it a black comedy, it's a cautionary tale.

The story itself is aptly odd, given it's environment, allowing for plenty of twists, turns, and excitement. It has plenty of great dialogue, and very good performances from everyone involved. The cinematography is amazing as well, and the use of irregular proportions is particularily interesting.

Undoubtedly Terry Gilliam's finest film, Brazil is an experience that is not to be missed by anyone.

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