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This review may contain spoilers.

I'm not sure to start with this one. Typically, I can stand Melissa McCarthy's movies for the most part, but this was just a massive bust. I like the idea of them becoming superheros, that part of the plot works fine. It's everything else that get's thrown around at every single fucking corner. The date scene with Lydia and The Crab was probably my favorite scene out of the entire film. I also liked how at the end of the movie Lydia was like.
Lydia: I want to drive, why can't I drive?
Emily: They just pulled you of the river.
In my opinion, one of the must underrated lines of the movie. Even with that, I still think this movie lacked pretty much about everything. And to be honest this movie had a decent cast, and for some reason it just didn't deliver. It didn't give enough, and I don't know honestly, just kind of felt like they half-assed every scene.

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