...And God Created Woman

...And God Created Woman ★★★

Criterion Challenge 2022- #22 Amanpour’s Top 10

Yes, you can fuck my brother, but dancing the mambo? I will smack the shit out of you!

I guess I can see how this was considered the dividing line between old and new wave in France, but kind of like Easy Rider, it’s just not a good movie.
I’m always torn when folks are critical of a work of art that was groundbreaking, and judge it without that context. E.G. The Doors, Oklahoma, The Graduate. Yet in the case of this vacuous Vadim effort, you kind of have to. This is not the first film to recognize that women have a sex drive, it’s just the first to make it the entire point and plot. I mean, Inge and Tennessee Williams wrote a lot about this subject in the ‘50’s. But in those plays there was much, much more going on otherwise, you know? 

Sure, there are worse things to do for 90 minutes than watch Bardot in varying states of undress. In fact, she is quite a good dancer. But all of the men in this movie are thinly drawn and poorly acted. Even JLT, whom I really like. It’s not his finest hour, sadly. I think Vadim was just too busy making sure all eyes were on his starlet.

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