Wyn Shaw

Favourites are a fairly random selection of films I like, usually thematically related.

Favorite films

  • Anti-Clock
  • Daisies
  • Ticket of No Return
  • The Other Side of the Underneath

Recent activity

  • Wax, or The Discovery of Television Among the Bees


  • Greaser's Palace


  • Paranoid Park


  • Johnny Guitar


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  • So Pretty

    So Pretty


    Disclaimer: I *am* transfem nb so this is not coming from a place of trans or queer-phobia (unless maybe internalised).

    I was very hopeful going into this, it's very rare to get any trans representation in film at all, let alone one which focuses almost exclusively on trans characters and which tries to remove the fetishised negativity that is so often found in representations of trans lives. The film's very nicely shot, the acting is passable, and the premise interested…

  • Cemetery



    The last 25 minutes of this were some of the most exquisite experimental cinema I've seen in a while. Unfortunately the prior hour is mixed at best, and downright terrible at its lowest points, with a bizarre forced narrative that doesn't really fit the film and is far too under-explored to feel satisfying. When the film lets itself go to the beautiful abstraction that it seems to be focused on its pretty fantastic unfortunately it tries to do far more and fails at most of it.

    Would fully recommend just skipping to the hour mark and watching the last 25 minutes though, pretty excellent video art.