Roma ★★★★

How the hell am I supposed to write about this? How the hell did anyone else write about this?

Such a singular, meticulously crafted, personal vision that it is difficult to write anything of any real value. It very well may be Cuaron's masterpiece but some aspect of the film holds me back from declaring it so.* I am over-the-moon that Cuaron made three action/adventure spectacles then turned inward for a neorealist portrait that is just as much about Cleo as it is about her constantly evolving surroundings.
Mexico is beautiful.

*It has entered my focus. This film is a little too condescending towards Cleo. The penultimate line of dialogue on the beach clinches this problematic aspect. There is nothing in the film to suggest how such a revelation was reached. The whole resolution to her arc feels like an afterthought. I am fully on board with the film until that moment. It rings too hollow for such an otherwise consistent cypher.

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