The DEADPOOL of gay comedies. There’s a few funny jokes but all the “daring” stuff has been done before. 

Speaking of daring-do, I know I’m a broken record at this point but no John Waters cameo? He’s alive, isn’t he? Was Billy scared that John would mock his script? An understandable fear, for sure. Why get script notes from Apatow but not Waters? You could just hire Waters for a rewrite. You could also let him direct too. 

But maybe Eichner hates Waters? A late monologue on the beach illustrates the key difference between the two: Waters spit in the face of gatekeepers and went his own way while Eichner idolized the gatekeepers and based his identity around their rejection. The general idea that heterosexual gatekeepers are the only ones in the way of gay liberation is only half true because so much of the community is sustained on highly personalized self-loathing which has the tendency of cannibalizing its weakest members (as brilliantly portrayed in this year’s FIRE ISLAND). Eichner would argue that this self-loathing is directly caused by a homophobic society and while I won’t argue that it’s completely wrong, I will argue that there’s one glaring flaw in the argument: just because society is cruel to a community doesn’t mean members of that community have to be to others in that community. Waters loves his community and doesn’t care if the dominant culture loves him back. It’s up for debate if Eichner even loves himself more than he loves the dominant culture that rejected him.

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