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  • Our Time
  • Murmur of the Heart
  • Cape Fear
  • Moontide

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  • Killer of Sheep

  • John Wick: Chapter 4

  • My Brother's Wife


  • Night of the Living Dead

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  • John Wick: Chapter 4

    John Wick: Chapter 4

    Everything before the Osaka Continel setpiece is pretty bad, very "previously on" episodic content with the returning cast looking healthier and richer than they ought to be. Feels like Reeves has next to no dialogue, which doesn't make sense given the bloated runtime and extension on the mythology, all of which add more pomp and ceremony but take this further away from the intimate myth-making the ending aims for. The betrayal at the end of Parabellum might have made for…

  • My Brother's Wife

    My Brother's Wife


    No psychologising, merely a sad statement of facts. A pecking order of sexual frustration and emotional manipulation with the 23 year old housewife stuck at the bottom of the heap. I love Bob Oran's lunky ex-boxer gone straight energy in this one.

Popular reviews

  • The Plains

    The Plains

    A puzzle-box movie in which the constant resets to some variation of 5:05 might bring new revelations just as easily as they bring a repetition of the familiar. The case for documenting the banal is well established; it brings us new considerations of surroundings that we have lost the capacity to see anew. It's a forced acquaintance, like the many colleagues we befriend despite our having nothing in common with them outside of shared occupation. Eastal gets so much mileage…

  • Nostalgia


    Profound and awe-inspiring on a shot-to-shot basis but I wouldn't extend those plaudits to the emotional or narrative truths. There's the sense that Tarkovsky would be best served by watching any one film four times within a month, but to what end? So much seems to be the playground of one person's evocation of memory, highly personal concoctions. I most enjoyed the invitation to madness and its spiritual revelations, but you wouldn't find any sense of Insanity's spontaneity in the…