Miguel Concha

Miguel Concha

в пустоте долгих дней я спала, но вдруг во сне мудрый волк поманил за собой меня

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  • In the Mouth of Madness

    In the Mouth of Madness

    Part of the hyperstitional canon. Is Sutter Cane H.P. Lovecraft? Nick Land? Aleister Crowley? Roko's Basilisk? Lain? It's enticing how engaging in this magick allows it to escape all potential meta-analysis and just folds onto reality. That's the whole point.
    It's Cane's story, and it'll spread with each new reader. That's how it gets its power. What about people who don't read? There's a movie.

    I didn't hear Joy Division until 1982 so, for me, Curtis was always-already…

  • Bladee + Ecco2K - Live at NTS

    Bladee + Ecco2K - Live at NTS


    wake up babe new bladee

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