Everything Everywhere All at Once

Everything Everywhere All at Once ★★½

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This review may contain spoilers.

I really wanted to like this more than I did, and in theory I should've. I love fun time travel/dimension hopping movies but this was honestly like if Quentin Dupieux directed a Marvel movie.

What didn't help is that I think I'm just not fond of the Daniels brand of humor which is a shame because I already know this is going to be an oft-cited movie this decade.

There's nothing egregiously wrong with it, it has some fun moments but I found it kinda lame? It tried to cover a lot of ground and managed to accomplish very little despite being at least 45 minutes too long. Might be worth a rewatch sometime later this year.

Edit: the more I think about this movie, the less I like it. It felt unintentionally dumb unlike the intentional stupidity of some of their other work like Swiss Army Man and The Death of Dick Long. Obviously there was a lot of intentionally stupid humor in it (like all the sex toy jokes), that's the Daniels thing and that's okay but it almost feels like this was trying to be really intelligent in the Adult Swim way and it doesn't get close enough for my taste.

The way this movie is structured made it about 45 minutes too long. It felt like a lot of effort to land on the stereotypical Asian tiger mom/generational trauma trope at the end as a lazy attempt to generate meaning.

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