Boiling Point

Boiling Point ★★★★

LFF 2021 #20

Boiling Point makes a play for this year's most stressful watch in an actual one-shot movie about the pressures of working in a restaurant. Stephen Graham delivers an electric lead performance as the head chef, but all the cast here are reliably great in what must have been a very high pressured shoot - apparently Covid halved the number of attempts that the cast and crew had to film this.

Speaking of the filmmaking, the camerawork here is seamless, pulling focus in real time to volcanic and sometimes moving miniature story arcs between overcooked employees and impatient guests. It's an extremely lean cut of a movie too, with no time wasted for empty exposition or dead air dialogue. I watched this at home on the BFI Player, and admittedly I had to pause the film a couple of times because of how stressful the viewing experience was. The pressure doesn't relent until the credits roll.

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