The Other Side of the Underneath

The Other Side of the Underneath

"why did you do this?"
"You tell me"
"Because you hate us!"

This film hates you, Jane Arden is an inch from your face and she's screaming in to it.
The most excruciating film I have ever seen. It's impossible for me to describe because I'm a dumb person but...

I have quite bad teeth right, and from time to time I get this feeling, not an ache but an itch which emanates from the underneath of one of my back teeth. This itch is initially unbearable and gets worse and worse and worse and worse until I just want to reach in and rip out my tooth, stick my finger in the bloody socket and scratch and scratch and scratch and scratch until it stops. The Other Side of The Underneath brought to mind this feeling.

The credits are rolling now, my hand is covered in blood and I'm in immense pain. Gonna go bury the DVD in the garden now.

Watched because of this:

EDIT 13/06/2017.

I had the offending tooth ripped out of my head today! I hate the dentist, it terrifies me. The whole ordeal brought this review back to mind, the film has never left. Every time I closed my eyes during the procedure(which felt like someone ripping a bloodied magicians handkerchief out of my head, like my tooth was 10ft long) to avoid the sight of the masked man with the needle and the forceps, I saw that masked little girl in the toilet cubicle. Having the choice between clearly seeing two horrific images while my mouth filled with blood and I winced in discomfort wasn't too different from watching the film the first time. I am woozy from the medication now as I type this. I'm falling asleep and I can see that girls face again, I doubt I'll ever forget it. The DVD remains buried.

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