• Red Right Hand

    Red Right Hand


    - You come driving up with my son as a hood ornament. I thought you was reformed, preacher.
    - I'm more the Old Testament type. Eye for eye, tooth for tooth.
    - Hell, now you're speaking my language.

    A hyper-violent post-Zahler rural neo-noir/neo-western/hixploitation. Category: extremely my shit.

    PS. I never expected to see Andie MacDowell in a 'torture porn' scene.
    PS2. I really appreciated the nod to Yellowstone's branded men.

  • Wanted Man

    Wanted Man


    Hey, amigo, you'll take good care of that Smith & Wesson. It's an expensive American piece of art.

    Generally flat and rather dull, but this quoted line makes me chuckle and is worth noting.

  • The Laughing Dead

    The Laughing Dead

    Such a waste of cool practical effects for such an annoying cringe-fest.

  • Surviving the Game

    Surviving the Game


    On my list of the most '90s-ish things in American cinema, Ice-T's cast and Stevie Wonder jokes would hold notable positions.

  • Heat



    Damn... All of those tense scenes with heavy vehicles, tractors and trucks... Awesome low camera angles, close-ups, editing... Gave me this feeling that someone could be injured or killed at any moment, and I found myself wondering how a Soviet version of Wages of Fear directed by Shepitko might look like. On the other hand, there is a lot of lyrical beauty in the landscape that reminds me of Ukrainian poetic cinema.

    An impressive feature directorial debut made on locations in the sunburned Kazakh steppe. You can certainly feel the heat.

  • The Living Coffin

    The Living Coffin


    As visually stunning as Mario Bava's Gothic horrors. In some ways, it anticipates Bava's masterwork Operazione paura (1966). But it's mostly a mystery-western, not a horror per se. I could describe it as 'German Krimi turned into a Mexican Western mixed with a Bava-esque visual feast'. We must wait about 30 minutes for the first scene with La Llorona, but her entrance on the screen is fantastic. I absolutely adore all of those sets, lighting, vivid saturated colors, and solid…

  • The Demon Rat

    The Demon Rat


    Mexican Hardware, but with a shaggy rat-man instead of a clunky robot.

  • There Will Come Soft Rains

    There Will Come Soft Rains


    Будет ласковый дождь, будет запах земли...

    Wonderful adaptation of my favorite story from Ray Bradbury's Martian Chronicles. I'm sure I watched it a few years ago, but not in glorious 4K quality! Simply the best animated short based on Bradbury's work. My second favorite is Icarus Montgolfier Wright (1962), but Osmond Evans' flick is very 'word-driven'; this Soviet/Uzbek gem is a pure visual experience. Also, I love the Russian translation of Sara Teasdale's poem; it's even more haunting than the original.

  • Curse of the Blind Dead

    Curse of the Blind Dead


    Blind Templars are back... in a post-apocalyptic world. And there is Fabio Testi on the screen. For a few minutes, at least. Poor Fabio... I have no idea what the goal was here. To make it more sluggish than any Amando de Ossorio movie ever was? Ugh... Utter trash.

  • Death of Hitch-Hikers

    Death of Hitch-Hikers


    Czechosłowackie quasi-giallo/milicjottesco od Jindřicha Poláka, twórcy jednego z najlepszych demo-ludowych sci-fi, czyli wyprzedzającej Kubricka Ikarii XB 1. Marek Perepeczko w roli prowincjonalnego kierowcy ciężarówki i zarazem gwałciciela oraz mordercy autostopowiczek. Szpetnie zdubbingowany, jak to bywało z rodzimymi aktorami na gościnnych występach w bratniej kinematografii.

    W klimatycznej czołówce widzimy zaciśniętą na kierownicy potężną łapę i zbliżenia skrytego w mroku lica. Coś w stylu "bestia rusza na łowy", niczym otwarcie rasowego slashera z syntezatorową muzą à la Fabio Frizzi. Dalej mamy całkiem…

  • Minutes Past Midnight

    Minutes Past Midnight


    The best: Feeder by Christian Rivers. A brilliant little flick!
    The worst: Roid Rage by a bunch of drunken students, I guess.

    The selection of shorts in this anthology is a total mess, with varying levels of quality.

  • Ghost Train

    Ghost Train


    King-esque. One of the best segments in Minutes Past Midnight. An extra half-star for the locations and moody visuals.