Once Upon a Time in America

Once Upon a Time in America ★★★★★

If I had to draw what comes to my mind when watching this film, I would struggle finding the right brush to begin with.

It is overwhelming with so many different emotions, moods and state of minds which are spread over the time span of this film.
It is way more than a "gangster film" and captures friendship, loyalty, greed, love, misbehavior and neglect.
In general it demonstrates the changes ocurring over the course of life and the challenges that are being faced.
All this is wrapped up by top notch performances, selection of music and obviously the atmosphere captured by Sergio Leone.

Once Upon a Time in America is nothing but a masterpiece and I am glad investing 229 minutes in it.

Nonetheless this is not a movie for everyone and I get it if people are bored by it.
If you love watching overdone and unrealistic stunts by paperthin characters who are running away from cgi edited zombies that jumpscare you, then you should ignore this and maybe look for something else to watch.

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