The Mummy

The Mummy ½

I've seen 3 movies named The Mummy and this is by far the worst.

The mummy itself looks like crap, and doesn't even resemble a mummy, but a bog monster, until like the third time it appears.

That's not how mummification works, that isn't how any of this works!

Would it have killed them to hire more Egyptian actors? Or at least some black or middle eastern actors? Pretty sure most of the Egytian characters (aside from the "Nubian" guys that got sacrificed) were just white people in varying degrees of makeup.

Having a like 15 minute flashback just to show one ritual was depraved, literally why did you need to do that, less than five minutes would have sufficed. You aren't fucking Victor Hugo.

The ending of this movie was atrocious and cliched, even for it's day.