The Hotel New Hampshire

The Hotel New Hampshire ★★

Rob Lowe looking like the Ur-Twink in this movie.

I wasn't paying a ton of attention so it seeme dliek things just... Kept happening at random? ONe minute the dad says he got a letter from Freud and he's selling the hotel, the next he says they can't sell the hotel because he's too poor??? I came in on the scene where the brother saves his sister from getting raped by getting a group of black guys to come save her from this group of white guys raping her... And then it's like never mentioned again except for saying the guys got expelled???

At one point people kidnap them to try to blow up an opera? But then somehow the car blows up early and they instead become stars and heroes? The little girl wrote a book? Did they make a stuff bear rae a guy that wronged their other sister? What the actual fuck happened in this movie?????!!!?!?!?