A Sugar & Spice Holiday

A Sugar & Spice Holiday ★★★★

Only 8 minutes in and she experiences a microagression, its sad how accurate that is.

I'm loving this little Voice over where she explains which snack each person in the movie is.

"Don't try to hippie voodoo me" "Breathing is life" "Don't try to fortune cookie me" Lmao this dialogue.

"We talk about essential oils and Zac Efron's beard" I'm in love with whoever wrote this ridiculous dialogue.

This was really cute and romantic. I loved when Suzie was all "You can just stay home and bake me bread and cookies" and Billy was like "I always wanted a sugar mama" Brilliant. Also, for ONCE the girl TOOK THE PROMOTION!!! She didn't move back to her hometown either! She moved to another continent, AND got her man AND got her job AND won her baking contest AND saved the local community center. This girl can do everything and we have to stan.