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  • Barbarian



    A very good movie, with an excellent mix of jump scares with suspense. Justin Long does a hilarious job as the comic relief.

    One thing though, release the snuff films you cowards. I feel like I was short changed when A.J. hits play but then it skips ahead to the end. Maybe they'll be on the director's cut.

  • The Gray Man

    The Gray Man


    While it did have great visuals and sets, I wasn't the biggest fan of the action scenes. They were just really CGI heavy, and when I saw the Russo brothers directed this everything started to make sense. Also a lot of the characters' plot decisions had me wondering.

    None of the characters were too deep, but Chris Evans managed to get a chuckle from me every now and then.

    "'Cuz I got shot in the ass, Suzanne!"