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  • Hereditary



    Everyone always says this is a slow burn with a big payout at the end. I absolutely love this movie though so I can watch the whole thing without getting bored. Between this and Midsommar, unlike most people who think that Ari Aster has some personal issues in his past, I think he was probably one of those kids who was pretty smart and for fun would just come up with the most fucked up stuff they possibly could and…

  • Midsommar



    This could easily stand on it's own as a work of art. The set design is immaculate and the cinematography is damn near perfect. But even if you take that away you still have a great story with very fleshed out characters. I mean, you know it's good when it can spark a random discussion on a Discord server I'm part of over just one character's motivations.

    Even though Florence Pugh absolutely kills it as Dani the Derek Huff award…

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  • Why Hide?

    Why Hide?

    In the first five minutes I was like "this movie's not for me" so I turned it off, but after just a few minutes I thought I should just see It through so I turned it back on. Well after being somewhat alright it just melted into confusing disappointment. Sometimes it seemed like it wanted to be a horror comedy, but other times it felt like it was going for a more serious tone.

    The Dale Doback award goes to…

  • The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 2

    The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 2


    Alright, now I'm certain they strongly referenced Lord of the Rings, especially in the opening, and you can't convince me otherwise. Beyond that though this movie was certainly a wild ride. It brings back one of my favorite things about these movies where everything is going great but then something trivial happens and it starts a whole uproar, talking about when Irina comes back to "apologize" but sees the kid from a far and then it starts the whole tussle.…

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  • Evil Dead Rise

    Evil Dead Rise


    After a solid opening it kind of dragged it's feet a little getting going. But once it did it was nothing but gory fun. A+ for all the practical effects and set design. Loved making it an urban apartment building in this one and they did a good job of making it old and dilapidated.

    The Derek Huff award goes to Lilly Sullivan, the actress who played Beth. For a relatively small time actress I thought the performance she gave was really good.

    "Mommy's with the maggots now..."

  • Barbarian



    A very good movie, with an excellent mix of jump scares with suspense. Justin Long does a hilarious job as the comic relief.

    One thing though, release the snuff films you cowards. I feel like I was short changed when A.J. hits play but then it skips ahead to the end. Maybe they'll be on the director's cut.