Moonlight ★★★★½

This might be the first year in a while where the Oscar's were actually important. To the world we live in. To kids like Chiron going through this kind of oppression every waking minute of their life. Sometimes by their own parents, the very people that brought them into this world. 

Thanks to the bravery of maestro Barry Jenkins and every beautiful person that put their hearts and souls into these characters and their stories, this is a story for the Chirons out there, whether they be the boy just figuring themselves out, the young man surrounded by high school machoism, or the adult in a place of self-doubt and denial.

I get emotional thinking about just how inspiring and *essential* this film WINNING BEST PICTURE was, so when I sit down and actually watch the film.... as you probably imagine I just become a bowl of jelly. 

A film with an entirely black cast about a gay child growing up cast-out by the majority of the people he knows in his life? Winning Best picture? This wouldn't have happened 5 years ago. This film probably could not have been made just that short time ago.

This film taps into so much truth about life.  A real modern masterpiece.

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