8½ is a film about _______.

Seriously. Fill in the blank. It's life.

Life is a trip. 8½ is a trip.

8½ is life.

Weaving beautifully between a man's dreams, fantasies, hopes, fears, and his real everyday life is unlike anything you've seen before. Anyone and everyone can and will relate to this story but being someone starting out in the film industry I related to it just that much more.

It's everything I've loved in Fellini's other films - the realism vs. surrealism, the snappy and enjoyable dialogue, the many rich and multi-faceted characters - all coming together in this one masterpiece of filmmaking, enhanced by some of the best cinematography and visual language I've seen in any film ever.

I was transfixed. Never has a film I've seen been so grounded in reality yet so far out there in its unafraid dares to tackle the complexities of the mind.

A new all-time favorite, no doubt. If you haven't yet, SEE IT.

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